Accepting short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, social justice, literary insights. 

Publishing as semiannual litzine. Check downloadable issues on website for tone & style,
Print anthology:  Ginosko Anthology 2,

Editorial lead time 1-2 months; accept simultaneous submissions & reprints; length flexible, accept excerpts.  Authors retain copyrights.  Read year-round. 

Also looking for books, art, music, spoken word videos, literary landscape to post on website. 

Ginosko (ghin-ocĂ©-koe) 
A word meaning to perceive, understand, realize, come to know; knowledge that has an inception, a progress, an attainment. The recognition of truth from experience. 

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Listed in Best of the Web 2008, 2010.

Ginosko Literary Journal
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Fairfax, CA 94978

Robert Paul Cesaretti
Maggie Heaps

GINOSKO FLASH FICTION CONTEST:   $250 Award, $5 entry fee, deadline for Contest #4, January 15, 2017.  Awarded work posted on website and published in current issue.

Submit up to 2 pieces, 800 words maximum each piece.

Final Judges: 
Leonore Wilson, Michael Hettich, Gary Lundy, E M Schorb, Andrena Zawinski, Andrei Guruianu, Robert Paul Cesaretti.

Awarded work will be published on Ginosko Literary Journal website.

Guidelines and Eligibility:

The Ginosko Flash Fiction Award is for an unpublished work of flash fiction. Awarded piece is selected through a submission process open to all writers with the following exception:

Relatives or individuals having a personal or professional relationship with any of the final judges where they have taken any part whatsoever in shaping the submitted manuscript.

Send print submissions to:

Ginosko Literary Journal
73 Sais Ave
San Anselmo, CA 94960

Payment Procedures:

Online submissions will receive emailed invoices via PayPal to account You do not need a PayPal account. Print submissions may send $10 in cash or check (made payable to Ginosko Literary Journal) to the above address.
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