Ends on March 1, 2018

$5.00 USD

GINOSKO FLASH FICTION CONTEST:   $500 Award, $5 entry fee, deadline for Contest #4, March 1st, 2017.  Awarded work posted on website and published in forthcoming issue.

Submit up to 2 pieces, 800 words maximum each piece.

Final Judges: 
Amanda Yskamp, Michael Hettich, Gary Lundy, E M Schorb, Andrena Zawinski, Andrei Guruianu, Robert Paul Cesaretti.

Awarded work will be published on Ginosko Literary Journal website.

Guidelines and Eligibility:

The Ginosko Flash Fiction Award is for an unpublished work of flash fiction. Awarded piece is selected through a submission process open to all writers with the following exception:

Relatives or individuals having a personal or professional relationship with any of the final judges where they have taken any part whatsoever in shaping the submitted manuscript.

Author's name not to be on or in submission.

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